Specialist Interior & Exterior Coatings

Pristine offers a range of specialist problem solving and time saving coatings to suit a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Our product range includes: antimicrobial, zero VOC, water based, oil based, class "0", stain blocking, interior and exterior coatings for a wide range of substrates. Please take the time to review our product range and feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


We use the latest research combined with many years of experience to ensure that our coatings meet with or exceed your requirements. We are small enough to care about all our customers and their own particular requirements.

We make decisions quickly and effectively to suit your needs.

We know that to compete effectively in a competitive marketplace we have to offer value for money products and services.

We know that we’re working for you and that you have budgets, specifications and timescales to meet, and we know that if we don’t fulfill your brief you can easily move to another supplier, so we’ll do everything in our power to keep you satisfied with our products, prices and services.

Cost Effective Decision Making

Our coatings are designed to meet the tough demands of commercial contractors. Many of our coatings can be applied in one or two coats less than our main competitors and offer a longer life cycle. We believe that our coatings offer better value for money than anything else currently available.


All of our coatings are either low VOC or zero VOC improving the application procedure, allowing quicker reoccupation of the premises and offering a healthier environment for the applicator and occupant. Some of our coatings also offer antimicrobial properties designed to inhibit the growth of up to 98% of bacteria.


All of our coatings are manufactured to strict quality control measures and well within all EU guidelines, including the 2010 VOC emissions directives.

Elite Aquasafe+ is a Zero VOC interior coating, it has been designed as a cost effective, healthy alternative to standard emulsions and wall coatings. Elite Aquasafe+ has been designed in Switzerland, which has the toughest regulations for Zero VOC Coatings and the highest standards of quality.

VOC Free Antimicrobial Coatings

Elite Aquasafe+ is providing a new level of antimicrobrial protection to the public never before experienced and in today’s climate all enhancements in public health protection should be welcomed.

All In One - Aerosol Spray on coating

New to our product range is All In One. This is a highly effective white stain block that can be used to permanently hide stubborn stains, water marks, graffiti, nicotine stains etc on a wide range of substrates, the coating is also perfect for use on metal pan or mineral suspended ceiling tiles.